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Winter Shelters for Community Cats

If you have a couple of cats who are moochers or community cats in your area and you'd like them to hang around, but be safe for the winter, please consider making up a couple of winter shelters for them to use.

You can buy a couple of rubbermaid style tubs, one larger than the other, and some board-style insulation. Some of the board insulation is thick, some is thin, some comes with a mylar backing which will serve to reflect heat back into the shelter. Dry straw will be used to fill the inside box.

The way I created mine, was to cut 2 inch blueboard the right size to tape together into a box (with no lid) to fit between the tubs. Cut a hole in each of the tubs and through the insulation so that the cats can get inside. Fill the inside tub with dry straw (it stays drier, and won't freeze like wet blankets). I cut a sheet of the styrofoam insulation to put on top of the inside tub's lid before I put the final lid on top.

You can use a piece of pipe or something to put in the hole so it stays mostly sealed.

I used duct tape to tape the 3 layers together.

Please make sure to have any cats spayed or neutered. Also make sure they get a rabies and other vaccines. If you need assistance with a community cat colony, getting them spayed or neutered and vaccinated, please give us a call!

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