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How Many Cats???

Hey all you WACRS supporters! Just wanted to share a story with you today.

I've been working on grant applications (this is Chris) and one of the applications had some questions that I couldn't answer so I texted Bobbie, our fearless leader. The questions had to do with how many cats we CAN have in the sanctuary, how many we DO have, how many are not adoptable for various reasons.

Which led me to ask her "so 115 of the cats currently AT the Sanctuary could be adopted out?"....and the answer was YES. Whether as house cats, inside/outside cats, barn cats (with the appropriate shelter and food considerations) and working cats for businesses (again the appropriate food and shelter).

One of the 10 pods at the Sanctuary. The cats now have inside/outside access.

Please don't think for a second that the only cats that we have that are adoptable are those that are placed at Petco. If you or someone you know would like to adopt a cat, please fill out an application at Petco, or download our online app from the website and either leave them at Petco or mail them to us.

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