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Rogue's Gallery of Adoptables is now live!

We've been trying to get up to date pictures on the web page and the Facebook page for quite some time. It's a trickier thing that a person would imagine. WAC is an all volunteer group, there is NO PAID STAFF. There is a fine balance in getting procedures put in place and placing an undue burden on our volunteers is not what we want.

However, we have a current volunteer who helps out with the cats at Petco who is able to text one of us the photos and descriptions of the kitties there and so we have uploaded those cats, names and descriptions to the Facebook page Https://

There are applications at Petco which is generally faster for Bobbie to get, or you can download and email an application from the Rogue's Gallery page. Volunteers who receive those via email then have to get them to Bobbie which can cause a short delay.

Thank you to all of our volunteers and supporters of Wild About Cats!

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