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Aging Cats: How to Help Your Furry Friend Feel Great at Any Age

Aging cats can have a hard time with mobility, maintaining a healthy weight, and cognitive abilities, making it increasingly difficult for their owners to leave them alone or properly care for them. Not only that, it’s stressful and heartbreaking to watch your beloved pet go into decline, and making sure your home is still a safe and comfortable place for them can be exhausting. That’s why it’s so important to take as many precautions as you can in order to prevent some of those issues before they become physically, emotionally, and financially overwhelming.

Depending on your cat’s breed and age, there may be several things you can try to keep him healthy and vital for years to come. Many cat owners have found success with supplements for joint and bone health, which can help ensure that an animal stays active. Daily exercise is crucial for all animals because it keeps them fit and prevents heart disease, but it also helps them maintain a healthy appetite, something that can be an issue for older cats.

Diet, exercise, cognitive strengthening, and health supplements are a few of the most important things you’ll need to consider when it comes to your elderly cat’s physical and mental needs.

Get Him the Nutrients He Needs

Your cat’s age will determine the number of nutrients he needs to stay healthy, as will his breed and size. Larger animals need more calories on a daily basis, and most older cats benefit from an increase in protein to help make up for muscle loss as they age. Your cat’s diet will also have an effect on his dental health, so it’s imperative to make sure he’s getting everything he needs for strong teeth and gums as well. Once an animal begins to lose teeth, it becomes harder for him to eat, which can lead to a sharp decline in overall health.

Brain Health Is Important

Your cat’s brain health is super important in maintaining a long and healthy life, and because animals can have trouble with their memory and with performing simple tasks just like older humans do, it’s helpful to play games with your pet to keep his mind sharp. A healthy brain will help your feline stay stimulated well into his senior years. You can also invest in some senior-friendly toys, such as a Whack-a-Mouse game (a meer $12 at Amazon), that will engage your cat’s brain and keep them moving at the same time!

Be Prepared for Accidents

As your senior pet advances in age, chances are you will begin to notice accidents around the house. Although your cat can’t help it, the problems will result in stains and odors, many of which are difficult to neutralize. Having a good supply of pet-friendly cleaners will help matters greatly, though you’ll likely need to have your carpets professionally cleaned at some point. Thankfully, you won’t have to spend a lot of money on this service; in Helena, for example, the cost of a carpet cleaning runs around $118 and $214, though that price may vary. Just remember to have patience with your cat — chances are they’re just as upset about it as you are.

Look for New Activities

The more active your cat is, the better able he’ll be to get good rest, eat the right amount of food each day, and maintain a healthy weight, all of which will keep him on the right path to a long life. Look for new ways to keep him moving so he doesn’t get bored, and alter his exercises to make sure he’s safe. And if, for one reason or another, you have to spend time away from your pooch, arrange for a pet sitter to look after them. That way, you’ll know that your best friend is in good hands until you’re able to return home and resume your daily routines.

Saying Goodbye

Although it’s difficult to think about, the day will eventually come when you and your pal will need to say goodbye. And contrary to what many people believe, losing a pet can hurt just as much as losing a relative or a close friend. Instead of bottling your emotions and trying to work through the pain on your own, look for support groups that can help you work through these emotions so you can heal in a healthy way.

Helping your cat stay healthy at any age can be a challenge, but by ensuring that your animal’s physical and mental abilities are well taken care of, you’ll be boosting his quality of life and possibly even lengthening it so that he can stay with you as long as possible.

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