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It started with a plea for help and some like-minded people getting together to help cats. Now here we are and the Wild About Cats Rescue and Sanctuary is a small but important part of the Helena, MT animal advocacy community. We save the lives of cats in three ways:


  • Adoption: We find good homes for hundreds of cats and kittens each year. We take in cats when owners can't care for them, when landlords say "no", when allergies crop up or for just about any reason.

  • Trap/neuter/return: People contact us when they have feral or stray cats. These kind folks are usually feeding and providing shelter but there are more and more cats each year. We humanely trap the cats, get them spayed or neutered and vaccinated and return them to their caretakers. 

  • Working Cats: When we take in feral cats that can't be returned or those with serious personality or behavioral issues we find great places for them as barn cats or "working cats". 

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Wild About Cats Rescue and Sanctuary is supported primarily by donations and grants. 


In recent months we found out we are the recipients of the Sands Foundation Memorial Grant for $10,000. 


In addition, the City of Helena and Lewis & Clark County have given us $7000 combined for their 2019 Fiscal year to assist with the TNR program.

But we also rely on a pretty great team of volunteers in setting up events and fundraisers, writing grant applications, running the Facebook page and updated the web page.  We also rely on smaller donations and charity events sponsored in the past by businesses like The Windbag, Lewis & Clark Brewery and other organizations.

We are ever so grateful to our community of supporters!

$50 Adoption Fee
for Cats and Kittens!
Includes spay/neuter and vaccinations

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